Talent Strategy

People orientation and talent gathering

  • Xi'an Aerospace Purple Discharge Plasmatech Co., Ltd. has firmly established the modern human resource management concept of "people orientation" since its foundation to vigorously implement the strategy of "enterprise reinforcing based on talents". With the core of strengthening the quality and ability building of talents, the Company adheres to the development strategy of talent strategy and general strategy developed neck and neck. The Company will create the environment to gather all types of outstanding talents, provide the practice platform of talents and give play to the strengths of human capital, enabling the strong talent guarantee and intellectual support for its sustainability.

    The Company is dedicated to building a talent team with excellent skills, dedication in jobs and high professional competence, and it has set up a talent development plan of researchers converted from research findings to productivity through the cooperation with universities in Xi'an. The Company is determined to build a community of shared interests with the employees for long-term win-win effect, and to grow together with employees. The Company resolutely decides upon investing and establishing Xi'an Aerospace Purple Discharge Technology Co., Ltd.!

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